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True Detective Title Sequence

This is a real geek-out entry. I expect to see a ton of reflection / silhouette work in the coming years.

We boarded out the sequence with full photographs very early on. The production was inspired by the work of photographer Richard Misrach. We started with that and also folded in other evocative and strangely beautiful shots of pollution, prostitution, and wildlife across the Gulf Coast. We didn’t have to use much imagery from the show itself. Many of our pictures of the cast come from the rushes, but they’re abstracted to the point where they don’t feel part of any specific scene.
— Elastic Creative Director, PATRICK CLAIR
...we took the shots from Misrach and others, and built them out as 3D projected scenes. We created low-poly geometry for truck stops, oil refineries, and more, and then projected landscape shots overtop, painting in details. Very slow virtual camera moves would then fly gently through these spaces, bringing them to life in 3D. These landscape and portrait elements would then be combined in a single comp with more spatial animation, focus effects, and lots of texture.

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