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Trapezium's Custom Beer Menu / Keith Fabry Video

Trapezium Brewing needed a bold, unique, and customizable interior tap menu sign, and that's exactly what we gave them. Custom designed down to the quarter inch, the sign features interchangeable beer names and prices that easily slot in and out of each row.

Keith Fabry did a fantastic job printing the interchangeable signs, as well as almost every other piece of on-site signage, not to mention fabricating the tap handles in-house.

They've made a great promotional video which prominently features our interior and exterior signage designs for Trapezium.

Sure Hand

We're very excited to finally get to work with Ross / Sure Hand Signs over at Little House.

When A For Adventure first designed the signage for Little House's storefront, we embarked on an exhaustive but ultimately failed search for hand-letterers, and ended up having to settle for vinyl and Signgold. Now that we've been hipped to Sure Hand, we look forward to keeping him busy all over town.