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Flora / Return Of The Gig Poster

We've been busy here at AFA – so much so that we've fallen into a long spell of radio silence. We're very happy to break that silence by sharing some really fun event poster design work we've been kicking out for our friends at Flora.

Designing these posters has been both a fantastic exercise of our design muscles as well as a wonderful creative release.

This just covers the month of May. We'll have to publish a book of designs if we can make it to May 2018.

Rikki Shay & The Martin Ruthless with The Trillions.

Odin + Doll Baby.

Dance Party with Area Woman and Disco Cat.


Chance Fischer with DJ Hoody and Farma Wes.

Secret Moths + Ora Cogan.

Sid Kingsley album release.

Lobo Marino + Yeni Nostalgi.


Bassmint with DJ Mordecai, Ant Boogz and DJ Marc.

Pete Curry "Night Logic" re-release party.

Houdan The Mystic + Din.

DJ Lady Syren and Neili Neil.

Ashes with Headlessmantis.

Rumput + Kia Cavallaro.

Women's March Posters

Admittedly, it's pretty last minute to release poster designs for the Women's March on Washington, but we didn't get around to making any until just now.

If anyone is interested, all are available for download right here in this post, and if you're interested in prints, send us an email.

The posters are designed at 24"W x 30"H, and each leave a little room to cut a handhold at the bottom if you're printing them onto foam core or some other rigid paper.

Poster Ninja in Richmond is a good resource for printing onto paper or foam core with a fast turnaround.

Click each image for a hi-res download...

"Love Always Wins Eventually" Women's March Art Print

"Love Always Wins Eventually" Women's March Art Print

"Evil Little Weasels" Women's March Poster

"Evil Little Weasels" Women's March Poster

"Spoiled Man-Children" Women's March Poster

"Spoiled Man-Children" Women's March Poster

Last minute addition...

"Standing Up" Women's March Poster

"Standing Up" Women's March Poster

Welcome Lillian

We're quite pleased with a new poster we've been working on for Welcome, Lillian, a celebration and benefit for our friends Patrick, Megan, and their gorgeous new daughter Lillian...

We enlisted the help of Richmond artist and photographer, Cameron Charles Lewis, as illustrator, and our industrious and esteemed intern, José Ignacio D'Alta, assembled much of the final poster design. 

The poster will be an 18" x 24" two-color silk-screen, available for sale at the event and through A For Adventure. All proceeds go to benefit Patrick, Megan and Lillian.

3 Great Ways To Help Little House!

Easy as 1. Eating, 2. Shopping, 3. Clicking


Pizza 2000 will be baking amazing wood-fired oven pizzas over at Sub Rosa tonight from 5pm-10pm. with local craft beers and wine on hand. More info here >


Pick up one of our silk screen posters, hand-pulled by Studio Two Three. For sale here and in person at the Pizza 2000 / Sub Rosa event.


Stay in, watch Naked & Afraid in bed with a pot pie and donate a dime or two to the cause from your iPad!

Go Fund Me here >

Red Hot!

Go on and buy yourself one of these red hot new Little House benefit posters....

Two color silk screen, lovingly hand-pulled by the gracious ladies at Studio Two Three here in Richmond. 12" x 12" on cream speckletone.

Inverted alternate design.

One color pass drying at Studio Two Three. Photo from Studio Two Three's Instagram.

As meta of a poster as we've ever done – the hero pepper for the illustration was sown from seeds bought at Little House and grown in Little House co-owner Jessica Goldberg's garden.

All proceeds from poster sales will go to the Little House fire rebuilding fund.

Order today while supplies last! (Ok, advertising career bucket list #26: Use the call to action "Order today while supplies last" unironically!)