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Hiding In Plain Sight

Richmond, the little just-slightly-Southern burg we call home, tends to be particular about who and what it celebrates. We love our underdogs and our "weirdos", yet we also star-gaze like champs. That leaves a lot of room in between, and we have some real superstars hiding here in plain sight, and Sean Wotherspoon / Round Two is one of the most (least?) prominent examples.

Sean Wotherspoon started Round Two, a sneaker and street style obsessed "men's boutique", right on here on Broad St. in 2013, and in such a small amount of time has grown to have stores in LA and New York, and to be considered the premier source for vintage footwear for a whos-who of urban trendsetters.

Sean is not simply a walking footwear Wikipedia, he's graduated to a bona fide shoe designer after winning Nike's Vote Foreward Air Max 97 competition by a landslide.

Designed to age and fray with grace, Sean's Air Max's are a beautiful blend of vintage and future – simultaneously loud and understated.

We look forward to seeing what Sean has in store for fashion, design, and retail, and will do our small part to shine a brighter light on this star rising out of Richmond.

Stroops - Heroic Dogs!

A feel-good brand for feel-good food – artisan hot dogs from the award-winning culinary team at Dutch & Co. Our mark was Inspired by the approachability of the menu, and the good-natured humor of our clients.


A stroop is a Dutch waffle, a delicious staple of the Dutch & Co. Saturday hot dog pop-up where the idea of a dedicated hot dog joint was born. We all loved saying and riffing on the word stroop, so much so that we decided it should be the name of the restaurant, rather than the original working name, Links.


Our assignment grew from logo and beverage labels to naming, brand positioning, website (coming soon), full restaurant ephemera and packaging, as well as exterior and interior design consulting.


Every self-respecting hot dog joint needs a mascot, so of course there's Señor Stroops (or Admiral Stroops, depending on who you ask) – our heroic, Dutchman hot dog riding a penny-farthing bicycle.

Red Hot!

Go on and buy yourself one of these red hot new Little House benefit posters....

Two color silk screen, lovingly hand-pulled by the gracious ladies at Studio Two Three here in Richmond. 12" x 12" on cream speckletone.

Inverted alternate design.

One color pass drying at Studio Two Three. Photo from Studio Two Three's Instagram.

As meta of a poster as we've ever done – the hero pepper for the illustration was sown from seeds bought at Little House and grown in Little House co-owner Jessica Goldberg's garden.

All proceeds from poster sales will go to the Little House fire rebuilding fund.

Order today while supplies last! (Ok, advertising career bucket list #26: Use the call to action "Order today while supplies last" unironically!)

Little House / Big Brand

On the heels of some good press for Little House Green Grocery, we thought we'd take a moment to air some of the fun work we've created together...

We are proud to help them bring great local food to the Richmond community!