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We're launching a new series of inspiration posts called #adventuremobile. This hashtag has popped up around the design / aesthetic minded community, mostly accompanying a photo of a pristine International Scout or anything to do with Westfalia. And while we love great cars and great gear, they are certainly not prerequisites for adventure. A conversation, a beat up pair of shoes, a song are all #adventuremobiles. We can't think of a better place to start than with Harlan Hubbard's Shantyboat...


“I had no theories to prove. I merely wanted to try living by my own hands, independent as far as possible from a system of division of labor in which the participant loses most of the pleasure of making and growing things for himself. I wanted to bring in my own fuel and smell its sweet smell as it burned on the hearth I had made. I wanted to grow my own food, catch it in the river, or forage after it. In short, I wanted to do as much as I could for myself, because I had already realized from partial experience the inexpressible joy of so doing.” – Harlan Hubbard

A Big _____ Year

2014 has been a huge year for us — the move, a fire in the family, the precipitous increase of our biscuit intake.

The thing we really love is that we got to do a lot of great work for a handful of great brands.

Here's to more of this in 2015. Have a wondrous New Year!

Pratham USA's 2013 Annual Report

We're so excited to share some spreads from our recently released Annual Report for Pratham USA.

The illiterate population in India is roughly the population of the United States. Most are living in poverty, and are frequent victims of discrimination and abuse. Pratham believes that permanent change – freedom from this cycle of poverty – can only come from education. Their unique method and model effectively and easily teaches young and old basic literacy and arithmetic, no matter what language or dialect.


The Beam

Fern / Roby's latest release, The Beam is a masterpiece of form and function.

Housed in reclaimed heart pine, The Beam "delivers the dynamics you’d expect from a full range speaker, while delivering the imaging and accuracy of a mini monitor. At just over 90db sensitivity, The Beam is equally at home with moderately powered tube or solid state amplification."

Made In RVA.

We Need A Beer Account

Beer. I mean, it just feels right. We've got a great a grocery, furniture and hard wares, bikes, a denim brand – we've got to get a beer to even this out! And a car or motorcycle account.


We even made this spec logo for the good folks at Ardent, but they've already got their thing under control, in-house.

A local whiskey could also be nice.