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When We Talk About "Brand Values"

A Thanksgiving message from our clients / friends at Shockoe Atelier...

"Let me introduce you to Yolanda “La Jefa” aka the boss lady. If you own a pair of Shockoes they’ve passed through her hands at some point.

Yolanda was born in Juarez, Mexico and moved to Texas after falling in love with a young soldier, Roberto, on leave from Fort Bliss.

Like many families in the service they moved all over the country until they settled in the Richmond area where Roberto served as a drill sergeant at Fort Lee. Yolanda has two sons, Roberto Jr, an industrial mechanic, and William, a firefighter and volunteer EMT.

I was born in Washington, D.C., the son of Brigitte and Pierre Lupesco who immigrated here from France and Romania respectively.

When we say that our products are “Made By Immigrants In The U.S.A.” it is also our way of saying made by Americans, as it is our belief that we are all immigrants here of one kind or another.

Shockoe Atelier is a funny collection of French, Korean, Mexican, Guatemalan, Scottish, German, English and so on – brought together by fate or circumstance. We have the gumption to endeavor to make a line of classic American apparel in an old cinderblock box of a building in a part of Richmond most known for flooding and the slave trade.

Thanksgiving feels like the perfect time to try to elaborate on our story and our values – a uniquely American holiday that celebrates the coming together of cultures in peace and friendship, sharing prosperity, traditions, and food.

In our own way we celebrate Thanksgiving every Friday at the shop over our staff lunch – especially when Yolanda makes the most amazing arroz con gandules this side of Puerto Rico.

We are thankful for Yolanda and the rest of our staff, family, and friends – and especially our supporters / customers.

Thank you all and have a wonderful holiday!

Anthony Lupesco

Founder, Shockoe Atelier"

A Big _____ Year

2014 has been a huge year for us — the move, a fire in the family, the precipitous increase of our biscuit intake.

The thing we really love is that we got to do a lot of great work for a handful of great brands.

Here's to more of this in 2015. Have a wondrous New Year!

Shockoe D-D-Denim

Gosh, we've been busy putting out the latest Shockoe Denim materials! Here's a first look at the new Lookbook 4-panel accordion fold and the rear-pocket "flashers".

Shockoe Denim Lookbook 2015, showcasing amazing new washes and lines. Cover is far right. Backcover far left.

Lookbook opens to spread on the left. Gorgeous on Neenah Royal Sundance Felt.

Rear-pocket "Flashers", one color with foil-stamped leaf logo. 

Where Are All Our Balls?

A For Adventure is now the proud owner of three more Richmond Ad Club cannonballs, winning one Bronze for the Little House Green Grocery branding, logo and identity system, one Bronze for the Shockoe Denim website, and one Silver for the RVA Street Art Pre-Party poster.

Due in part to fatigue and a fully stocked open bar at the event, A For Adventure staff accidentally left four cannonballs at the event, on the floor in a swag tote bag. The cannonballs were quickly recovered by event staff, and are expected to be returned to A For Adventure custody within the week. 

The winners...

Bronze Winner, Design

Silver Winner, Design

Bronze Winner, Interactive

Shockoe Denim ( • ) com

After a few too many Google Alerts for "shockoe denim best website ever", it's probably time to share some of the mostly organic press and accolades.


"...what I really love is seeing how others can push the boundaries and not just simply follow the same old, tired formulas."





"If it was the designers' intention to position the brand as being a marriage of traditional American values and sharp contemporary styling, then their typographic choices have, by and large, worked."
















We Need A Beer Account

Beer. I mean, it just feels right. We've got a great a grocery, furniture and hard wares, bikes, a denim brand – we've got to get a beer to even this out! And a car or motorcycle account.


We even made this spec logo for the good folks at Ardent, but they've already got their thing under control, in-house.

A local whiskey could also be nice.