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Instagram's Multiple Accounts Feature And 5-Dos And Don'ts Of Social Media Brand Management


Those of us who maintain not only our personal social media presence, but those of our business, employers, and clients are breathing a long-awaited sigh of relief as Instagram announces their new multiple accounts feature.

While constantly switching between multiple accounts, user names, and passwords has been made significantly easier, the addition of this feature highlights the delicate dance brand managers navigate throughout the week. For many, it can be a form of Brand Personality Disorder™ (BPD) – where do I stop and the brand begin?

As BPD becomes increasingly more common, we thought a few basic rules – dos and don'ts – might be in order:


5. Go easy on the discount offers. Sales are sometimes necessary not to mention effective, but constantly being on sale is not only boring for your followers, it cheapens your overall brand image.

4. DON'T post poorly lit, unappetizing, boring, irrelevant or simply bad photographs. Not all of us are born with an eye or technique for photography, but your brand's image is at stake, so class it up!

3. DON'T use comments to insert your brand into a conversation merely for exposure. Bad manners, yo.

2. DON'T over-hashtag #feelingblessed. Keep your hashtags relevant and specific to your posts #kanyewestlovesme

1. DON'T make yourself a brand mascot! More often than not, you personally are not the brand (unless you are). Your life, your cat, new car, and the dinner you are eating are all riveting, but are they the "brand", "on-brand" and serving the goals and strategies of the business and / or connecting with your customers or clients?


5. DO know who your brand is. Create an aesthetic, a tone of voice, and basic set of brand values and stick to them. It looks weird to be luxury one day and discount the next.

4. DO know who you're talking to. Why are they following you? How can you help, inspire, or inform them?

3. DO make a plan, a content calendar, a social media strategy. For brands, social media should not be a toy or a recreational device; it's a tool to accomplish your brand's goals, and if it isn't, it's a highly effective waste of your time – at best.

2. DO have something to say. Have a point of view. Create relevant content, whether it's written, drawn, filmed or photographed. I know it's a lot harder to make stuff than not to make stuff, but if your brand is boring, irrelevant, or simply absent, what message is that sending to your customers?

1. DO be a good friend! Celebrate your followers accomplishments. Take part in relevant discussions with your brand POV. Just like "real life", it's not always about you. It's about fostering community, affinity, and trying to make long-term friends / customers. :-)

What are your dos and don'ts?