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Stroops - Heroic Dogs!

A feel-good brand for feel-good food – artisan hot dogs from the award-winning culinary team at Dutch & Co. Our mark was Inspired by the approachability of the menu, and the good-natured humor of our clients.


A stroop is a Dutch waffle, a delicious staple of the Dutch & Co. Saturday hot dog pop-up where the idea of a dedicated hot dog joint was born. We all loved saying and riffing on the word stroop, so much so that we decided it should be the name of the restaurant, rather than the original working name, Links.


Our assignment grew from logo and beverage labels to naming, brand positioning, website (coming soon), full restaurant ephemera and packaging, as well as exterior and interior design consulting.


Every self-respecting hot dog joint needs a mascot, so of course there's Señor Stroops (or Admiral Stroops, depending on who you ask) – our heroic, Dutchman hot dog riding a penny-farthing bicycle.