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The Making Of An Icon: A History Lesson From Art Chantry

The legendary / infamous designer, Art Chantry, reminds us of the value of a concept...

The idea back then was to NEVER give a client a perfect finished comp. You didn’t want them to see the finish until it came off the press looking brilliant and magical. We presented IDEAS as rough sketches to get the client personally invested in the process.
— Art Chantry

"This is a series of images showing a rough step-by-step of Grace Jones cover image for her "jungle fever" lp. the first image is the initial rough sketch. it's a lot different than those perfect "exactly as printed" comps you computer whizbangs give to your clients today, eh?"

"The next image is the actual photograph as taken in the studio (just one of several snaps). The third is the a cut-up and pasted together layout/image of the what the final photo was intended to look like BEFORE AIRBRUSHING. This is the stage that is so astonishing – look at what we had to do. photographs were not ever done 'in camera'. They were done as constructions on drawings boards. Honest."

"The final image is the photo as it was seen on the actual lp cover. It's virtually a completely new image. It's an illustration – a construction – that looks just like a photograph. The whole process was about total control and manipulation of the image created to exert total control and manipulation of the viewer. That is still the goal even today."