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Brand Fresh-Ups

Refreshening / redesigning a brand is a delicate procedure. Logos are the visual expression of a company, and carry with them memories and emotions for business owners, employees and customers. Despite the inherent nostalgia, everyone could use a new outfit every now and then, and we prefer to treat the process like a grand shopping spree – trying on clothes until we find the ensemble that fits the best and compliments a company's unique style and shape. A few of our favorite redesigns, below... 

Hummel Associates

Agency select.

Hummel Associates came to us to refresh their mark while preserving a nod to the original. Our solution was to modernize the typography and simplify the mark, ultimately leading to a better overall balance.

Fern / Roby

Fern & Roby partnered with us early, at a juncture when they felt ready to grow what had been an internal passion project into a full-fledged hard wares and audio brand. Our design replaced the oversized ampersand with an exciting, stuck arrow element. The final mark is elegant, compact and unique.

Shockoe Denim

Shockoe Atelier (once "Shockoe Denim") wanted a new mark that would help transport them from a local denim maker to a world-class luxury menswear line. Our graphic tobacco leaf references their roots in the historic Shockoe district while simultaneously creating an organic icon capable of multiple interpretations and mystery.

Columbia Business School

Agency spec.

We developed this refined mark for Columbia Business School to coincide with an overall brand refocusing and corresponding print and direct campaign.

Resource One

Resource One needed a ground up redesign. Our bold, revised mark signals that R1 is contemporary and a leader in their industry.

ART 180

Agency spec.

Our speculative mark for ART 180 reimagines the non-profit with a fun, tighter execution of their original mark that increases legibility, flexibility and allows for greater freedom of expression and logo improvisation. 

Legend Brewing

Agency spec. Click for more.

Agency spec. Click for more.

Legend Brewing is the grandfather of Richmond's craft beer scene, and we thought it would be fun to reimagine them through our design lens.