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It's been 48hrs, so am I safe in assuming you've seen this lawyer's video?

Like 4 million (and counting) other people, I clicked on this link a few days ago and got a pretty serious shock – but maybe not the type of shock you're thinking. It only took me a few seconds to realize…

"Oh my God! This guy went for it in a big way, and someone helped him do it."

As an ad guy, it's easy to imagine a lawyer or law firm reaching out to me to discuss advertising their practice. I've had a law firm or two as clients, and I'd like to think I made them the best materials I was capable of at the time. I did not, however, make them anything like this.

Now I know some of you might be saying to yourselves, "Jamie Casino is clearly banana boats..." (which just so happens to be my new favorite expression that I heard on Fresh Air yesterday) and I won't disagree with you. Is it possible that being banana boats makes him a successful trial attorney? I've seen it happen.

What I'm getting at – what shook me up – is that there's a real possibility I would have either tried to talk him out of this, or ultimately declined to help him create it... and so, most likely, would you.

Jamie Casino's bat-sh*t crazy video is a reminder to agencies and the creative community as a whole that IT'S OUR JOB TO SWING WILDLY AT THE FENCES FOR OUR CLIENTS SOMETIMES. It's our job to identify our client's dream and work aggressively to bring it to life – even if that dream is to be some sort of heavy metal Batman lawyer. Perhaps ESPECIALLY if that dream is to be some sort of heavy metal Batman lawyer.

Thanks, Mr. Casino, for reminding me that sometimes it's better to be crazy and passionate than sane and forgettable.